A professional school for practical and comprehensive courses to show you how to protect your family and home from any type of disaster. 

These online courses make preparing simple and straightforward. No need to sift through countless websites and brochures to find the information and guidance you require. It is all here.

Handy checklists, templates, plans, tips for emergency supplies, disaster kits, food, water, equipment and so much more!

Everything you need to get ready, respond, and return home safely is here.

The courses combine the latest research, science-based evidence, and practical lessons learned, with over thirty years of experience in disaster management, public health, and survival techniques.

Learn how to: 

  • communicate and reunite with your family after a disaster 
  • safely shelter in your home and evacuate 
  • assemble essential supplies for your family's needs 
  • prepare your home for any type of disaster
  • live without electricity 
  • prevent injury and reduce loss 
  • properly manage hygiene and sanitation issues during an emergency
  • collect and sanitize water in an emergency 
  • respond to a various disasters
  • return home safely 
  • reduce the emotional effects of a disaster on your family
  • make lake water potable
  • and so much more!

Also included are handy checklists and shopping lists to make preparing easy.  

The courses focus on an all-hazard, in other words, one action plan for every type of disaster, and arranged in a simple and organized manner to take the guesswork out of preparing.

We have organized the process of preparing for emergencies into

7 practical steps.

  • The first 5 steps, offered in the course Get Ready, focus on everything you need to know about how to get your home, affairs, and family ready for any type of disaster.
  • The course Respond and Return Home Safely includes steps 6 (how to respond) and step 7 shows you how to return home safely.*

Additional courses include*

  • Disasters 101, which explores what really what happens during a disaster, it also includes important information about disaster mental wellness, and delves a bit more into specific hazards and how they might affect your community.
  • Collect and Disinfect Water Safely teaches you how to safely collect, disinfect, and store water. 

*available upon request

Meet your instructor

Kim Fournier, CD, MA, is a disaster management consultant specializing in practical and real results for today and sustainable solutions for tomorrow. Well known for her practical, innovative, and compassionate approach, Kim integrates needs, capacity, training, practice, and research to cultivate resilient families, businesses, communities, and government organizations. 

Kim’s unique expertise has been honed throughout her dynamic thirty-plus year career. She integrates her experience in community outreach and health, public education, survival, disaster management, preparedness, and response, as well as international, interdisciplinary, and humanitarian operations. She served for twenty-five years with the Canadian Forces, for which she has been awarded medals honoring her missions, accomplishments, and dedication. 

Kim is passionate about helping families and communities cope with disaster, contributing her diverse skills and knowledge to global disaster risk reduction and resilience. She feels privileged to be part of a global disaster risk reduction team that strives to improve resilience and self-reliance for this generation and the ones to come. 

Visit Kim at www.kimfournier.com and sign up for special offers, follow her blog for credible information about emergencies and disasters, or to learn more about her company's services and credentials.

Here's what people are saying ...

"Now that I am prepared, I am more confidence to handle an emergency, and peace of mind. Thanks Kim!" Christine

“This information is exactly what we, and other families, need. It is to-the-point, practical, and thoroughly useful."  Kirk Mohamed


“A complete and comprehensive family resource. It covers all the essential measures to assist a family prepare for, respond to and recover from a major emergency or disaster. The strategies outlined are clear and provide protective measures that have been well tested and tried.” Marion Boon, RN


“ ...simple, logical and very useful. Most of the stuff in here should be taught in schools. Will be great for the kids and their families”. Jerimiah


“...clear, concise guide that presents an easy step-by-step method to preparedness.

“Our family is actively implementing the step-by-step guide to be prepared for any emergency. Our thanks to Kim Fournier for this wonderful, timely, easy-to-follow resource!” Emily Chapman


Extremely important information. It can ease anxiety during emergencies which is extremely important. Well outlined and easy to follow. Kim Fournier knows her subject and conveys it in a very practical way. Dr. Hegillman